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SavanFilms: March - June 2018 Video Roundup

Hey Everyone,

Apologies for not updating the blog on here since April. I have had a very busy past few months and didn't have time write blogs as intended. Here are the videos from March till June 2018:

Concrete Pitch | Short Film @ #ConcretePitch

Is Autism a Learning Disability or Learning Condition? | #AutismWithSav Weekly Vlog Series

Hot Chocolate Tour of London | Short Film @ #HotChocolate

How To Approach An Autistic Person | #AutismWithSav Weekly Vlog Series

Autism Tour of Lush | #AutismWithSav Weekly Vlog Series

Autism & Trust Issues | #AutismWithSav Weekly Vlog Series

Crosstown Doughnuts Vegan Store | Short Film @ #Vegan

I Can Do A Really Good Kazoo Noise... | Random Funny Facts Vlog Series @ #VidConEU

An Autistic Person Reacts To NAS TMI "Diverted" Film | #AutismWithSav Weekly Vlog Series

Amsterdam 2018 | Short Film @ #Amsterdam

"The Reason I Jump" Book Review | #AutismWithSav Weekly Vlog Series

An Autistic Person's Experience At Concerts | #AutismWithSav Weekly Vlog Series

An Autistic Person's Experience With Going To Cinemas | #AutismWithSav Weekly Vlog Series

I Need Your Help To Subtitle/CC My Videos | SavanVlogs

EGX Rezzed 2018 | Short Film @ #Rezzed2018

British Guy Tries Japanese Snacks | SavanVlogs

An Autistic Person's Review of "The Accountant" | #AutismWithSav Weekly Vlogs Series

Fuwa Fuwa London | Short Film @ #FuwaFuwaLondon

An Autistic Person's Review of "Rain Man" | #AutismWithSav Weekly Vlog Series

Autistic Characters in Movies & TV | #AutismWithSav Weekly Vlog Series

Do Autistic People Think About Billions Of Thoughts? | #AutismWithSav Weekly Vlog Series

Why Does My Accent Change? | #AutismWithSav Weekly Vlog Series

Why Learning Languages Can Be Confusing & Difficult? | #AutismWithSav Weekly Vlog Series

Why Do Autistic People Love Dinosaurs? | #AutismWithSav Weekly Vlog Series

Good Mood Matcha | Short Film @ #Matcha

Why Do Autistic People Love Trains? | #AutismWithSav Weekly Vlog Series

Mayfield Lavender Farm | Short Film

Japan House London | Short Film

Hope you enjoyed watching the videos and if you want to be notified when I upload feel free to subscribe here.