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Movie Review Roundup: January - March 2018

Hey Everyone,

I have managed to compile all the movies I have watched from January till March 2018 into a list with their reviews and ratings which are in chronological order.

The ones highlighted in bold are the ones I watched at Cineworld and the ones that are bold italic I watched at Vue. The ones that are in italic are the ones I watched at home.

  1. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri: The movie was funny and it's a 8/10 for me.
  2. Coco: Pixar is back with an amazing story and the music was great. 9.5/10.
  3. The Post: It was very good and I do love a good journo movie. 9/10.
  4. Early Man: Very funny and such a great story. The jokes were great and the references to certain teams were brilliant. 10/10.
  5. Phantom Thread: It was a brilliant movie but I don't know if the character played by Daniel Day-Lewis was Autistic. This is because I felt he had the signs of someone on the spectrum. 9/10.
  6. I, Tonya: It was a very interesting true story and there were a few moments which were funny. 8/10.
  7. Harmonium (2016): It was a very good drama and compelling story. 8.5/10.
  8. Black Panther: It was brilliant and I absolutely adored the storytelling. Beats Thor Ragnarok hands down. 11.5/10.
  9. The Shape of Water: The movie was funny at times, thrilling and a wonderful love story. 9.5/10.
  10. Lady Bird: It was funny, brought back memories from high school and great. 9/10.
  11. Game Night: I haven't laughed-out-loud this much during a comedy movie and it has to be one of my favourite dark comedy movies of all time. 10/10.
  12. Love, Simon: It was a good movie and was a total surprise (saw it as a Secret Screening). 7/10.
  13. Tomb Raider (2018): It's a solid action movie and having seen the reboot video games played by Lomadia a while back, I have to say it's a good movie despite what the critics say. A solid 8/10.
  14. Batman: Year One (2011): It was very good and I preferred this animated movie over to the DCU movies. 8.5/10
  15. Ready Player One: It's a great story and a lot of references to pop culture. 9/10.
  16. Unsane: It was a good movie and definitely a thriller but didn't enjoy at times the portrayal of mental health patients and Mental Health in general. Also totally didn't know it was filmed on iPhones. 6/10.
  17. Isle of Dogs: It was a great movie and enjoyed it very much. Wes Anderson delivers a beautiful story. 10/10.
  18. The Boss Baby (2017): It was interesting and baffled why it was nominated for an Oscar. 5/10.
  19. Despicable Me 3 (2017): It was good and better than I thought it was. 6/10.

What do you think about these movies? Let me know in the comments section.